How Did We Get Our Name?

by Sylvia Johnson

We are asked this question in a variety of forms all the time. Let me answer the most common forms and then explain how we arrived at our name.
First, our name has no connection to the Marvel comic villain battled most often by Spiderman.
Second, it has no connection with the city of Harrison's high school. I was told one day while pumping gas into my vehicle which just happens to have the license plate, GOBLIN, that Harrison is the Goblins. I don't know if they are green or not. They do have red and golden goblins.

Third, it has no connection to TSR's Dungeons and Dragons. I have only played that game once at my first science fiction convention. Our team actually won the contest, but there were no goblins involved.
Our name did have its roots in a game, however. Several years ago a friend of ours introduced us to a rather time-consuming, but fun game. Many people enjoy miniature war games that involve placing opposing army units on a table and maneuvering them in staged battles. My friend had a fantasy elf army. After exploring the other sets in this particular group of fantasy armies, which included more elves, dwarves, skeletons, rats as well as humans, I settled on hordes of little green goblins.

Later that year I was trying to think up a name for my consulting business. With a last name of Johnson and a maiden name of Jamison, anything incorporating my name was easy to rule out immediately. Then the naming process began to rank up there with the chore of naming children and pets - it wasn't something I could do in an hour or even a day. This process, for me, is to take a sheet of paper and list every name I can think of and then start crossing off. The only name uncrossed after several weeks of whys and why nots was Green Goblin.

I think I'm glad I didn't like the rat army!